Kids Trips
  • We pull Lobster traps, talk about the history of the islands and their early
    inhabitants, fish for the abundant Mackerel, Pollock and sometimes Striped Bass.  

  • We view and identify the birds and Marine mammals that live in the Bay and tell
    fisherman's stories of the ocean and of the interesting characters that make a living
    on it.  

  • We keep these trips lively and entertaining for both the kids and their parents.  

  • We generally do the Children's Trips  between mid morning and early afternoon.  

  • We provide snacks, water and soft drinks for our young crew.  Many of this
    season's fishermen have made their maiden voyage on the ocean aboard the Amy Vee.

  • Our two hour  Kids Trips can carry up to 5 in any combination of parents and

  • The price is $200 total for the  charter.
(207) 283-0712